I have lectured and taught at a number of courses at universities and institutions around the world. Below are selected highlights from my years of teaching experience.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

Course: Resourceful Design Innovation by Re-Imagining Existing Urban Assets

For several years I taught the online course Resourceful Design Innovation by Re-Imagining Existing Urban Assets for the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. The course, according to UBC’s Cultural Planning and Development Program Coordinator, “Is one of our most popular series and Scott consistently receives stellar feedback from participants.”

Scott is an innovative and highly experienced industry professional, who draws on a wealth of strategic ideas and impactful case studies. Scott asks great questions, is attentive to participants’ needs, and puts a significant amount of thought and effort into ensuring each session is current and customizable. Scott’s dynamic presentations draw on lots of real-life examples, and are pitched at the perfect balance between theory and practice. There are a lot of “a ha” moments during his sessions, and attendees always finish the workshop with a suite of versatile and applicable teachings which they can apply to their own personal and professional settings.

Katriona Stewart, Program Coordinator, UBC Extended Learning

Design Academy Eindhoven

Course: The Relationship between Trust and Design

Over the course of two years, Trust Design operated as a four-part publication series in collaboration with Volume Magazine (available here). A key part of the project was a semester course I led at Design Academy Eindhoven on the relationship between design and trust.

As the department head said of the course:

“Trust is probably the most significant theme of our times. According to Burnham the paradigm has changed. It’s not only design functionality that counts foremost, consumers want to trust that companies and designers have taken care of environmental and social issues as well. Scott Burnham visited the academy various times and had in-depth talks and workshops with the students about trust and design. The results of this period offered a surprising new perspective in the design field, for which I would like to thank Scott Burnham.”

– Louise Schouwenberg, Design Academy Eindhoven

Reprogramming the City

Numerous Workshops throughout the US, Europe, and Scandinavia

I have led workshops on reimagining and redesigning the functionality of individual objects in the city to rethinking entire areas of the city for a number of leading architecture and design centers in Oslo, Stockholm, Boston, Chicago, Amsterdam, London, and many others.

My Reprogramming the City workshops have been credited with bringing new ideas and forms for public engagement to regeneration and redevelopment projects, professional and municipals associations, and as catalysts for new thinking at design festivals, biennials and institutions. The main goal of them is to transform urban landscapes into platforms of possibility.

“Even if Scott Burnham has a couple of hard drives full of ideas, as soon as you let him out into your city he comes back with new ideas about how it can be better.”

– Director, Swedish Centre for Architecture and Design, Stockholm