learn to unlearn

For new ideas and opportunities to reveal themselves, you have to move beyond learnings from the past. You have to learn to unlearn. “Unlearning is not about forgetting,” Mark Bonchek writes in the Harvard Business Review. “It’s about the abilityContinue Reading

In conjunction with the arrival of the Reprogramming the City book, Metropolis asked me to write an Op-Ed / Opinion piece for them: “By Simply Repairing Infrastructure, We’re Missing Huge Opportunities to Make Cities More Resilient and Responsive to Citizens’ Needs” which outlines why reprogramming existing assets is such a vital need for cities.Continue Reading

Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham

The culmination of years of research, exhibition, and projects, the Reprogramming the City book is now available! “Anyone reading Scott Burnham’s essential book will emerge reassured by the transformative power of agency and creativity in the world’s urban centers that isContinue Reading