This Could: How Two Words Create Opportunity, Increase Creativity, and Reduce Waste


“A master class in the art of possibility.”
– Fiona Luis, ArchitectureBoston

This Could… is a guide for makers, innovators, and everyone wanting to do more with what you already have.

The objects, materials, skills, and everything that shapes your world all contain the ability to do more. The secret to unlocking their extra potential is just two words: “This could…”

This Could… shows how to discover extra abilities in existing resources, and how doing so increases creativity, reduces waste, and helps build a resilient future for yourself and the environment.

The book features How to Do More with What You Have: a six-step guided journey of insights, examples and worksheets to transform the things you already have into platforms of possibility. 

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After decades of immersing himself in work that helps communities and companies reframe the public space narrative, Burnham has written a master class in the art of possibility. He encourages you to, quite simply, look and see, to tap in to your intuition to make the world a more resourceful place, to return the thread of shared human experience to the city. Might a pliable putty-like cleaner be repurposed somehow? Could a bus stop also serve as a light-therapy hub? No matter the scope, Burnham deftly draws the reader into a space where creative sparks fly and simple tweaks of existing materials and assets help craft a new language that speaks to the future. Embodying the very notion it celebrates, “This Could” is itself a resourceful design initiative. – Fiona Luis, ArchitectureBoston

“This Could…” is a concise guide to unlocking the potential of existing objects, materials, skills, and all resources to enable everyone to be part of a resilient and resourceful future.

The result of decades of Scott Burnham’s work with cities, organizations, and institutions around the world to do more with their existing resources, “This Could…” features six steps with examples and worksheets to guide readers through a process that will increase their ability to discover opportunity and respond to limited resources, budgets, and assets with an abundance of creativity.

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