nature-centric design and natural infrastructure

NatureStructure: Infrastructure for Nature is a collection of projects that represent a new generation of nature-centric design and infrastructure.

NatureStructure projects nurture and restore ecosystems, employing nature and natural processes to address the problems human development has created for itself.

The book is based on the exhibition that premiered at the Boston Society of Architects. It features over 20 international projects designed for nature and natural processes, with 85 color photos and illustrations.

NatureStructure is infrastructure designed for nature; nature-centric design created to nurture and repair ecosystems and habitats and integrate natural processes into the built environment.

NatureStructure embraces nature as a core element of the built environment. Norwegians have a phrase for it: “Spille på lag med naturen” – “To play on the same team as nature.”

The Dutch call it “Building with nature.”

“As cities reckon with the impact of a changing climate and activities that have created ecological change go unabated, there will be more of a need to consider organically inclined architecture….this response, and instinct to repair, is what NatureStructure is all about.”

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+ International Customers: NatureStructure is available on Amazon: Canada, United Kingom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan.

Projects featured in the book include:

Living Seawalls (Fish Apartments)
Reef Design Lab

Living Seawalls (Hex Panels)
Reef Design Lab and Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS)

Singapore Seawall Tiles
Dr. Lynette H. L. Loke

Floating Ecosystems
Biomatrix Water

Vlotwateringbrug (“Bat Bridge”)
NEXT architects

Tern Pontoons
Bureau Waardenburg

Bee Collective

Bee Collective

Culture Urbaine
The Cloud Collective

ARC Wildlife Crossing
Balmori Associates

Modular Artificial Reef Structure (MARS)
Reef Design Lab

Delfland Sand Engine

Bureau Waardenburg

Oyster Restoration
The Nantucket Watershed Project
Grow Oyster Reefs
Blue W Labs

Project Smartroof 2.0
City of Amsterdam, Drain Products, Permavoid Ltd

Climate Tile
Third Nature

Third Nature