Ideas are my trade – I design them, research them, talk about them, exhibit them, and particularly enjoy exploring them as a freelance writer. My writing portfolio is here.

Innovation, self-sufficiency, resilience, sustainability, cities and the circular economy – I’ve spent decades working around the world, creating hands-on solutions, researching, and writing about these topics.

The doing part is always a joy, but freelance writing gives me the chance to explore and communicate more than I could do on my own, so I’m always up for helping people and companies flesh out their ideas, offerings, and efforts through crafted text.

If you’d like to talk more about what I can do for you, get in touch.

Freelance Writer Profile
  • Experienced journalist, editor, freelance writer; contributor to The Guardian, Architizer, Metropolis, and others.
  • Agile content creator working across the spectrum and around the world, from white papers for think tanks in India to industry-specific reporting in Scandinavia.
  • Author of numerous books on resilience and sustainability in cities, business, and daily life.
  • Leveraging extensive public speaking, lecturing, and media experience to craft attention-grabbing speeches, positioning statements, and scripts that stand above the rest.
Key Skills
  • Rethinking and reimagining topics for fresh insight and perspective.
  • Specialist in communicating complex studies and topics for quick comprehension by readers.
  • Respectful, precise interviewing.
  • Writing and editing for international markets and audiences.
  • Flawless copyediting for clarity, impact, and focused messaging.
Selected Work
Design Hacking by Scott Burnham

Design Hacking, Author

“Exceedingly well written and comprehensive.” – Core77

White paper commissioned by RSA London to provide insight into global customization trends and how businesses could leverage its energy.

This Could…, Author

“A masterclass in the art of possibility.” – Fiona Luis

Comprehensive book on increasing resourcefulness, creativity, and innovation in business, design, and the environment.

Volume Magazine: Trust Design Series, Editor

“A surprising new perspective in the design field.”
– Louise Schouwenberg, Design Academy Eindhoven

Editor of four-issue series on the relationship between trust and design for Volume Magazine, Amsterdam, in partnership with the Netherlands Institute for Design.

Reprogramming the City: Adaptive Reuse and Repurposing Urban Objects

Reprogramming the City, Author and Curator

“A hopeful anthology of solutions for our hot, crowded planet.” –  Renée Loth

Author of exhibition book and curator for international architecture and design exhibition series exploring urban resourcefulness.

Specialist Subject Areas

Permaculture, Resilience, Self-Sufficiency, Sustainability, Design, Circular Economy, Cities, Ecology, Creativity, Innovation

Bragging Rights

In recognition of my work, I was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, London, UK.