The latest book to feature my work and approach towards urban creativity has just been launched in Italy. Disegnare le città (Drawing cities), is an overview of a more organic and people-driven approach to design, creativity and the city ratherContinue Reading


Walking around London yesterday I found myself paying attention to the secondary narrative of the city’s fonts, text and signage. How the current condition of some of the texts differ from their original form, and that within the aesthetic ofContinue Reading


“This is a crisis not only of credit, but a crisis of trust.” – UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Davos 2009 Thanks to everyone who has emailed prodding for news of what’s coming up next. Those who know me realiseContinue Reading


Photo Credit: Joao Pina for The New York Times The New York Times just published a fine article about the dilemma facing Portugal that a collection of the famed Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa’s papers might be sold and leave theContinue Reading