Plumbers Made the Terracotta Army Possible – The Power of Repurposing Skills

There is tremendous power in the cross-pollination of skills and their application. Mastering a skill or craft is a great achievement, but the full potential of a skill is often unrealized when it is not applied outside a specific discipline. History is full of repurposed skill sets resulting in exceptional achievements when applied to areas …

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The Future of Phone Booths: Workshop

Phone booths are an endangered urban species, joining the ranks of newspaper boxes, parking pay meters, and other urban elements whose original function has been replaced by technology and changing social behavior. A common thread runs through all these pieces of the urban landscape that are too quickly deemed to be obsolete: they contain a …

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Reprogramming the City by Scott Burnham

Reprogramming the City: THE BOOK

The Reprogramming the City book is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! The book features the most innovative projects from the five Reprogramming the City exhibitions and initiatives I’ve created to date, along with a curated selection of new projects that reprogram existing urban assets for additional use. From billboards in Lima, Peru, repurposed to generate clean …

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