There’s been a buzz on the internet today about Joshua Allen Harris’s inflatable sculptures being featured in an upcoming ad for the Environmental Defense Fund and their stop global warming campaign. I’m always on guard for seeing street artists’ work being ripped off by The Man advertising agencies without due credit, so I’m very pleased to report that not only is the inspiration legit, but Josh is in fact the creator of the inflatable sculptures in the campaign. Here’s the EDA’s ad:

And here’s Josh’s previous work which it was inspired by:

I was emailing back and forth with Josh today, and he said he did an ad with Ogilvy New York, but wasn’t sure where it was going to run, so now he, and everyone, knows. Of course, I’m really happy that this is all legit, because for one, I really like Josh’s work, and also of course because I’m featuring him in my Urban Play project in Amsterdam, so it’s always good to see a worthy artist get some buzz all around.