My latest book This Could: How Two Words Can Create a Better Future shows how our era of limited resources can be transformed into an abundance of creativity.

My previous book, Reprogramming the City, encourages cities to do more with the assets they already have by repurposing existing infrastructure for new use. I also created a toolkit for people to do it themselves.

The strategies for limited resources I write about, develop and deliver in keynote talks to institutions ranging from the World Bank to Global Mayor’s Think Tanks help people, cities, and companies be more resourceful with what they have instead of consuming more.

Along the way, I’ve curated over 30 exhibitions in eight countries exploring nature-centric design solutions and infrastructure for nature, adaptive reuse, tactical urbanism, and have created design strategies for entire cities.

I do what it takes to inspire people to think differently and work hard with what they already have. Because let’s face it: we are exhausting our natural resources. Our landfills are full, and islands of plastic waste are forming in our oceans. People seek alternatives to wasteful consumerism, and companies are challenged to innovate while trying to do more with less.

Please get in touch if you’d like to work together to be more resourceful or visit my project websites below.