Latest book launches in Italy

I’m pleased to share the news that the latest book to feature my work and approach towards urban creativity has just been launched in Italy. The book, Disegnare le città (Drawing cities), is an overview of a more organic and people-driven approach to design, creativity and the city rather than the top-down model that has […]

Piece in Icon

Just hitting the stands now is the 50th issue of Icon, for which they asked me to do a piece on the latest wave of urban interventions. The result, “Customising the City”, is a general overview of some of the guerrilla design being done at the moment around the world. Featuring interviews and images from […]

The Book. Is done.

Just finished writing my part of the “Visualising the City” book which will come out later this year on Routledge Press. This has been one of those projects that bordered between a labour of love and an overstayed travel companion – mostly written in Amsterdam, edits done in Montreal, photo permissions negotiated while in Beijing, […]