Hacking the Kinect to Prototype New Connections In Urban Spaces

In September I was invited to participate in “Builders at Play”, a quick-hit session in Amsterdam which functioned as something of a public space hackathon, finding ways in which connected technologies can transform public space. My starting point was something I’ve long been obsessed with – desire paths. Desire paths are the footpaths created by […]

Latest City As Platform Project Launches in Porto; How Creative Can Portugal Be?

“Bairro Criativo” launched in Porto, Portugal on 24 May, the latest of my City As Platform projects which approach the urban landscape as a creative platform. I’m pleased to say that Porto has responded in style. The agency ADDICT, lead by creative industries maestro Michael DaCosta Babb, asked me to create and direct a project […]

Urban Hacks and Re-Use for 2010: The Urban Guide for Alternate Use

UPDATE: The Urban Guide for Alternate Use is now live! http://www.altuseguide.com I was recently asked by Die Fabrikanten in Linz, Austria for ideas for their upcoming Exchange Radical Moments Europe-Wide Festival. The result is The Urban Guide for Alternate Use – an open source city-specific ‘field guide’ for alternate uses for existing urban infrastructure. It […]

Latest book launches in Italy

I’m pleased to share the news that the latest book to feature my work and approach towards urban creativity has just been launched in Italy. The book, Disegnare le città (Drawing cities), is an overview of a more organic and people-driven approach to design, creativity and the city rather than the top-down model that has […]