Mader Stublic Wiermann lighting display, Uniqa tower, Vienna. Image from

On Thursday 24 June 2010 I will be giving a talk at the Interactive Architecture 2010 conference, as part of the London Festival of Architecture.

Featuring an impressive lineup of speakers ranging from Duncan Wilson of Arup Foresight to Usman Haque of Haque Design and Research, and chaired by Fiddian Warman of Soda Creative, the conference will be: “A forum for the building design community to gather and share ideas and experiences around exploiting new technologies to enable the built environment to dynamically respond to people in or around it.”¬†Here is an overview of the conference themes and speakers:

  • Sensory: Sound and light
    • Michael Spencer of Sound Strategies
    • Usman Haque of Haque Design and Research
    • UVA
  • Metaphysical: Materials and structures
  • Art and Play: Community and interaction
    • Ghislaine Boddington of B>D>S
    • Matt Adams of Blast Theory
    • Eva Rucki of Troika
    • Scott Burnham of UrbanPlay
  • Experiential architecture
    • Alex Haw of Atmos
    • Andrew Whiting of Hut