As someone who is involved in a number of initiatives to use the economic crisis as a catalyst for creating opportunity, the first thing I tell people is to change perspective on how you view this period of time. Leo Burnett Lisbon has taken things one step further, creating a Firefox plugin which scans the web content you’re reading and literally replaces the word “crisis” with “opportunity”. As they say within the plugin:


Discouraged by all the talk of economic crisis? Well, with this plugin enabled, your news will now be brimming with with tales of optimism:

What Crisis?The plugin is only available for Firefox, and is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. It can be downloaded directly from the Firefox add-ons page here. (Of course, once you install the plugin, this post will make no sense whatsoever. Oh, the irony…)

3 thoughts on “Economic Crisis = Opportunity via Firefox

  1. The plug-in is also aviailable in more than 10 lenguages, till now. We imporove a new lenguage every day.

    Thanks for spread the word.

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