After my previous post on innovation in football strategy and its relationship to design and spatial awareness, some people sent me a few heads-up that there was an interesting convergence of people exploring similar themes in relation to football and its spatial relationships.

Geoff Manaugh of the exceptional bldgblog posted a twitter “tweet” last week, observing that “Football as a series of contradictory landscape strategies: analytic geometry. Competing ways of using and filling space.” This inspired Michael Surtees to expand on the thought in a post on his similarly impressive blog DesignNotes, weaving a highly suitable link to Bobby Fischer’s method of playing chess, as made by the New York Times, as noted in the image above from his flickr set.

Just a nice moment of synchronicity of ideas weaving their way ’round the net – variations on a theme, if you will – coming from two blogs I respect a lot, and recommend that you do yourself a favour and subscribe to their feeds for more brilliant writing on design and architecture.