Urban Play Focus 03: Poland’s Truthtag

Today’s preview of an Urban Play artist brings Poland’s Truthtag into focus.

As is the case with putting together any show, there is an ebb and flow to the list of artists as work progresses, but within the Urban Play roster, Truthtag has always had a core position in the show and its larger concept of DIY Urban Design.

Based in Wroclaw, Poland, Truthtag works at the intersection of street art, urban intervention and architecture, augmenting existing buildings and urban areas with slight touches of shapes, colours and geometric forms. For Truthtag, the city’s built environment is a plug-and-play system, able to be augmented and enhanced in an ongoing, generative fashion.

Working with what he refers to as “aesthetic break-ins” in cities for eight years, Truthtag was recently invited by the Polish Cultural Institute to bring his brand of architectural remixes to London as part of the London Festival of Architecture – a fitting embrace for a fresh creative working with the physical city.

In addition to his fantastic ability to play with the visual context of the building and jam off of its lines and structure, Truthtag also maintains a gallery entitled “changes” which documents how the organic forces at work in nature and the city take their own hand at augmenting and altering his pieces over time.

I encourage you to spend some time exploring more of his work here.