Urban Play Amsterdam comes together

Apologies for the lack of recent posts, but the final touches are being put on Urban Play, so that’s where my time is going at the moment. I really couldn’t be more thrilled with what is taking place with the project right now. Case-in-point: “Fish in the Sky” by Nothing Design Group from Korea, above, which was just installed today (image below). In the background is Amsterdam’s Central Station.

Until I can find the time for some quality updates, you can take a look at my flickr photos of the preparations here.


  1. hi,
    was very impressed with the project, therefore very interested in getting one of the fishes to put on my balcony (in amsterdam that is). however, there weren’t any spare ones. could you please send me two (my friend would like to receive one).

    would appreciate hearing from you.

    thanks and regards,

  2. Author

    Hi Margot,

    I’m really glad you enjoyed the project. I’ve sent your request along to the people responsible for the Fish in the Sky. I hope you and your friend are able to get one. Their popularity was huge and very rewarding, but exhausted our stock very quickly! Someone will be in touch soon. Thanks, Scott.

  3. Hi Scott,

    In the recent month I came across “The flying fish” several times at unexpected locations and they just made me smile and longing. Therefore my question is identical to that of margot’s. Would it still be possible to obtain one of them to brighten up my little garden?

    Kind regards,

  4. Author

    Hi Gabbi,

    Thank you very much for your comment and I’m glad you enjoy Nothing Design’s “Fishes in the Sky” so much. I’m very sorry to say that there are no more fish awaiting homes… But I’d love to produce more. If that happens, I promise you I’ll let you know so you can have one for your garden! Thanks for writing – I always like hearing how people have enjoyed the project. Best, Scott

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