I attended to the Viktor & Rolf opening last night at the Barbican for one of the following reasons:

A) I decided I don’t spend enough time around supermodels
B) It’s been too long since I’ve spent an evening drinking rose-flavoured vodka cocktails
C) I was invited because of my relationship with Premsela

It was all celeb, glam and paparazzi, dahling, but hugely enjoyable in its own right. Fashion exhibitions are incredibly difficult to pull off, but this one is exceptional. The highlight, obviously, was the insanely huge doll house in the centre of the exhibition. Viktor & Rolf essentially re-created the entire exhibition, which surrounds the dollhouse, in miniature. If you’ve seen their website, this won’t be a surprise, but in the context of the exhibition, it not only added a layer of appreciation to their work, but also created the simple joy of smiling as you enter the space and see something truly fresh and exciting in a show. I really can’t recommend it enough.

However, with my recent time being filled working on Urban Play, I came across one piece in the exhibition that made me pause for a moment and mix wonder and appreciation for where some of their ideas come from:

Mark Jenkins’ “embed” to the left, Viktor & Rolf to the right. Coincidence? Discuss…

One thought on “Viktor & Rolf & One Amazing Dollhouse

  1. Just noticed your new blog design – very clean, very nice. That’s the down side with RSS readers, missing out on re-designs until you click back to the site to try and catch a glimpse of a Viktor & Rolf supermodel. Alas, nothing but headless mannequins. How ’bout that, huh!? Just like Jenkins’ they even hid the hands.

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