It is amazing that while entire areas of contemporary culture are opening themselves up to open source creativity, user-led innovation, the wisdom of crowds – whichever term you prefer – the gallery world has been holding pretty damn tight to the top-down model of access to and participation in the creative process. So it’s refreshing to come across two upcoming shows that are, quite literally, opening the doors to the public and giving full access to the creative process and public display of work. Almost all my projects at the moment are about opening up creative process and participation, so I’m up for promoting others who are doing the same:

Free For All
March 3rd to March 24th, 2007
Alberta Gallery of Art
Edmonton, Alberta
For a full write-up of the event, go here. But you can’t get more concise in describing what is going on there other than listing their primary exhibition guideline: If one person can carry their submission through the front doors of the gallery _ in one trip _ then we will include it in the exhibition. The size of our front door is 9 ½’ x 5 ½’.

Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft

2 March 2007 then ongoing
nüans, Ellerstrasse 187
The initial installation opens to the public and allows visitors to make changes to the work, (first at the private view, and for the duration of the show) by adding, moving and recombining elements, etc. The space and the changes will be documented daily, then monthly.

These of course aren’t the first shows to do this, but let’s hope this is just a sampling of a lot more to come.